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Conscious intention is about deciding on what matters. For you and for the world.


To take ownership of your own life, as the creator of it.


To visualise and build the reality and world you dream of.

- Philip Jonzon Jarl


That is how I want to live my life.

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Back in 2017, I was 30 years old and had everything I ever dreamt of; a prestigious and very successful international business career, a jet-set lifestyle travelling the world, an extravagant home that I adored in Barcelona, my dream car, and a stunningly beautiful girlfriend. I lived a life defined by freedom, comfort and luxury, yet I couldn't get away from feeling empty and anxious. I knew it wasn't the life I really wanted. So, I left it all to build a new, more authentic life and to fill it with passion, purpose and meaning. The problem was, I had no idea how this new life looked like, and I felt I couldn't figure it out while still stuck in the comfortable life I was living. So I had to make myself very uncomfortable.

I left my excessive life in Barcelona, sold or gave away most of my stuff, and booked a one-way ticket to Brazil. Over the course of several months I made it my full-time job to deep dive into getting to know myself better. I read hundreds of articles and research papers on happiness, wellbeing, purpose and meaning, did all the personality tests, completed my Ikigai, and finally I looked back at the history of my life and mapped out my values - the needs, desires, and beliefs that drive me from my deepest core. My personal values became the map - the blueprint - the compass - from which I built a more consciously intentional life.

That summer of 2017 I moved back home to Stockholm with a somewhat clearer picture of what kind of life I wanted. I wanted to feel free, yet feel a strong sense of belonging and be part of communities of like-minded free spirits. I wanted to have a clear purpose and mission for what impact I was having on the world - I wanted to do something that brings people closer together and deepens human connection and understanding. I identified the need I had for creative and emotional expression through singing and writing, and the urge I felt for a deeper spiritual connection. I wanted to live a life that enabled me to be fully authentic and honest, present, filled with joy, and loving towards other people. Once these conscious intentions crystalized for me, these things just started falling into my lap.

Over lunch with an acquaintance, an opportunity arose to start a company with literally the purpose of bringing people closer together - to foster more authenticity, empathy and consciousness in how we meet and build relationships. After randomly connecting with two residents separately, I moved into a conscious co-living community - a family of 50 like-minded free spirits. Out of nowhere, a friend asked me if I wanted to be the new lead singer in their band. And somehow I was lead to spiritual discoveries through books that came my way, people I met and recently a very powerful nature quest. Today I live a life where I can almost pinpoint every part of it back to that blueprint of needs, beliefs and desires I mapped out for myself. It's a life that I have created, built on my very own conscious intentions for what kind of life I want to live.

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Hello there! 👋

I'm very honoured and humbled that you're here.

My name is Philip and my biggest passion is building a meaningful life of positive impact and human connection, and to help and inspire others to do the same.

I am the CEO and founder of a company that helps people connect and build meaningful relationships, I am an inspirational speaker, and a lifestyle design enthusiast. I write songs and sing in a band, and dream of one day becoming a published author.

To help people live more fulfilling lives by living with conscious intention, connected to themselves and to the world around them.

That is my purpose.

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I have a ton of beliefs on what I think is important for myself and in the world, but these six core principles guide me and help me live the kind of life I want.


Life really is short. I don’t want a second to go to waste to something that doesn’t really matter. I don’t want to take myself or my experiences too seriously. I want to have fun and live fully, laugh, and enjoy the ride as much as I can. Sometimes it means to stop and laugh at the irony of things, sometimes it simply means kicking it back in a hammock. 


A cliche line perhaps, but so true. I only have one body to walk around in. My only constraint in this physical world is the limit of my physical body. I want to have a constant awareness of what I eat and drink, where it comes from and how it will affect my body.


Not saying that I don’t drink or eat ice-cream (God I love ice-cream!) but when I do, I want to be conscious of what it contains and how it affects me, short-term and long-term. I stopped eating meat a few years ago, I cut back on other things economically to afford organic foods, and I very rarely drink alcohol (alcohol-free beer works splendidly for social drinking). I stretch and exercise every morning, and only use naturally certified skincare and toothpaste (I try to avoid chemicals overall).


The longest study on happiness found that ”the quality of your relationships sets the quality of your life”. I have found that encounters with people and my relationships are a huge source for meaning in my life.


During an adventurous solo trip around the world a few years ago, this was one of my major insights. I started the trip directed by what the guidebook said I didn’t want to miss, and ended up throwing the book away to instead prioritise and follow the people that intrigued me. I learnt in the end that a place is only as good as the people you know in it, all else is secondary.


I want to live my life with the mindset of a tourist. A childishly excited, curious and exploring mindset, open for new experiences, new encounters and new ways of thinking. One who seeks to understand and to gain new perspectives. One who’s not afraid to take some risk, and who’s heart is warm and open towards others. 


In the more practical sense it means that whatever space I go through I aim to leave it not only without a trace, but even better than I found it.


This could look like picking up a piece of trash that I walk by, spreading positivity through my conversations, giving someone a compliment, or sometimes simply just saying hello to a passing stranger. 


In a bigger context, it means that I one day want to leave earth knowing that I gave more than I took, that I somehow made the world slightly better than how I found it. That the positive impact of my actions and initiatives outweigh the negative ones. 


I’ve lately come to fully understand and realise that nothing else exist than this moment. Life is in the here and now. Even thinking about the moment takes me away from the moment and puts me in my mind.


Being fully and truly present is what facilitates feelings of joy and love in my life. If I am truly present, I’ve noticed that there cannot exist feelings of fear, anxiety or worry. Being present is a way to keep my own cup filled so that I can give to others. This is why I meditate daily. To me, meditation is a tool to stay present - to stay the best version of myself.


My initiatives


A few years ago now I had the adventure of a lifetime when I circumnavigated the world without flying and without technology. I intentionally made it rough, always traveling third class and sharing paths with drifters and dreamers.


It was a transformational journey filled with incredible encounters and experiences, and a complete game changer for my view on the world, and the people in it. It made such an impact on me, I feel that I have to share it. It's a true, thrilling journey of exploration, different perspectives and connection.

Got any tips that could help me get it published?


After near two decades of nerding in personal development and making bold life changes, I love to share my story and experiences, and how I have built and am currently living my best life based on values-driven conscious intention. I want to help people find their way in life like I have, to inspire others to reach their full potential and live the life they dream of.


I'm a regular guest lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Stockholm School of Economics, I mentor grad students, a regular speaker in Stockholm's startup community and at conferences like Gather and Webbdagarna.

My talks:

  • "Intentional Living: How I redesigned my entire life based on values and intentions."

  • "The Relate story: From Purpose to Product."

  • Life lessons from circumnavigating the world without flying, alone and without technology.


I use my instagram account to share big milestones and events from my entrepreneurial journey and wisdom seeking, but I also share major insights I make for myself along the way.

My hope for the account is that it will inspire and motivate others to live more wisely and fully, and to build a meaningful life around what matters most.


Towards the end of 2017 I joined forces with SelfLeaders to create Relate, a values-based relationship app and events to help people start and build meaningful relationships. 

Through connecting people on values we want to create a more authentic, conscious and empathetic world for how we humans meet and build relationships.

In June 2018 we raised 5M SEK to fund the vision. Since then we've launched the app, hosted 50 singles events, launched a top-listed podcast, and one of our first couples just got engaged! End of 2019 we're raising a bigger round in order to provide our tools to more people.

Want to be part of the dream or help us realize it?

A few years ago I rebuilt my life from scratch.

I had defined a strong need for belonging, an urge for creative expression, and a calling to help people become more conscious and connect more authentically with themselves and others. My initiatives are all crafted to fulfil these defined needs and desires, and they are what make up my life today.

My Talks


Music in general, and singing in particular, is one of my most engaging passions and something that ignites my soul. It's the one medium that lets me connect with and express my inner self and emotions the most. To me, music is magic.

I'm the lead singer of a band called Nalkas, a pop/rock group of fellow entrepreneurs. Follow us on Spotify to be the first to hear new releases!

The beauty of being human, is that we can choose to believe whatever we want to believe.


If you want change, all you have to do is start telling yourself a different narrative.

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A completely self-organized, conscious coliving community of global citizens in the heart of Stockholm. Becoming a part of K9 is single-handedly the best thing I've done for my own wellbeing in life.

Through the space itself, our rituals, events and the intention people move in with, a group of 53 strangers from 20+ countries from all continents and far corners of the world now feels like my family. A very big and incredibly diverse family securing that I never feel lonely, always feel love and belonging, and never stop growing.


Stockholm, Sweden

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©2019 by Philip Jonzon Jarl

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